Hey There! We're actively upgrading our severs right now. Please check back soon.

Dear Contest Domination Users,

We're constantly striving to give you the best contest platform for generating qualified leads.

In that pursuit - the time has come to significantly upgrade our server capacity.

After much debate, the cleanest solution for the amount of data that we have at this point was to do a complete migration of all servers, all at the same time.

This will mean a short amount of down time, estimated to last several hours.

But, once we finish this migration you'll get:

+ Even faster load times for pages and the contest editor

+ Improved conversion rates (from our already industry leading %)

+ Quicker lead exports

+ Faster paging through large contests

+ Faster indexing of large contest analytics

+ Even more seamless fraud checking during opt-in (which has always been real-time)

I'm confident that there is a lot of increase performance to be excited about with this migration for those who run contests, and a better experience for those who enter contests.

Thank you for your patience while we go through this migration.

If you have questions or concerns please email support@contestdomination.com


Travis Ketchum
Founder & CEO
Contest Domination

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