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Free Trainings & Downloads

Contest Funnel Formula

  • See why most contests fail to actually produce new customers for your business (and our specific solution to solve it).
  • Understand how to build your contest funnel based on our proven formula, regardless of your niche or experience level.
  • Generate a surge of clicks right to your offer page from your new contestants who have raised their hand as interested prospects.
  • See how you can easily duplicate a contest funnel for repeatable results in your own business, use this formula for your clients etc.
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Execution Plans

Contest Execution Plan

  • Know exactly how long to run your contest, what to give away and what level of promotion strategy you're going to commit to
  • Walk away with a detailed "plan of attack" for how you're going to run your contest, and more importantly promote it to your ideal prospect
  • Understand who your ideal customer persona is so you focus 100% of your energy on attracting the right prospects who want to buy
  • Learn the killer sequence our customers are using to turn contestants into customers with shocking regularity
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Premium Trainings

Contest Sponsor Method

  • Download the landing page, full analytics and analysis for all 3 types of contest sponsors - plus an in-depth customer interview
  • Learn how to leverage sponsors to send you a flood of hyper targeted traffic, leads and sales
  • Get copy/paste emails to use for sponsor outreach and know which tools optimize the job for quicker results
  • Learn how to leverage sponsors to get free prizes to add to your total prize package (or perhaps even donating ALL your prizes)
  • Learn how to get sponsors to pay you to be included in your contest so your cheaper leads (...or a bigger overall ad budget)
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