ContestDomination Video Integrations
You’ve asked – and we’ve delivered.

Now your contests inside of ContestDomination™ support videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. So if you host your video at any one of those top 3 video providers, you can now put your masterpiece on your landing page.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use them with ContestDomination™, as well as a list of new customization options.

The Basics

Editing your video is easy once you know where to go. Just head on over to your contest editor, click the media settings and then find the video tab.

No Contest Video Selected

Then, pick your service of choice. When you click the URL area for the video, we’ll pop-up an embed code area for you to copy/paste your embed code.

After you click save, the embed code will be stripped down to exactly what we need, like the photo below.

Embed Code Scraper


Here are your current YouTube options, we suggest using a video that’s “Unlisted” if you only want it to be used for this contest.

YouTube Contest Video Selected

YouTube Configuration Options

– Dark or Light Themes (new!)
– Red or White Control Themes (new!)
– Autoplay video (un-checked now by default)
– Enable HD playback (new!)


Vimeo is a popular destination for videographers for their affordable, professional hosting options.While they have a great free plan, some options (such as HD embedded playback) require a Vimeo Pro account. Pro is well worth the investment if you’re looking to host a fair amount of content for contests, membership sites etc.

Vimeo Video Selected

Vimeo Configuration Options

– Playback control color picker (new!)
– Autoplay video (un-checked now by default)
– Enable HD playback (Configured from


Known for their minimalistic player and advanced analytics, Wistia is popular for video data junkies. Offering a feature rich trial and a forever free plan, upgraded Wistia can quickly become your video weapon of choice. You’ll find the most player customization options for Wistia, so if you want complete control over playbars and more, this will likely be your favorite option.

Wistia Contest Video Selected

Wistia Configuration Options

– Playback control color picker (new!)
– Autoplay video (un-checked now by default)
– Enable HD playback (new!)
– Enable fullscreen playback (new!)
– Enable playbar scrubber (new!)
– Enable large play button over video on load (new!)
– Enable small play button (new!)

Videos, Integrations, Oh my!

We hope you love these new video options – our goal was to give you more flexibility and control over how you convey your message to prospects.

These services were picked based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our awesome customers about what they’d like to see. We have more integrations and updates coming very soon that should help continually expand what’s possible with contests.

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Travis Ketchum
Travis Ketchum

Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination - helping 10's of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.