Today is a very exciting day here at ContestDomination™, as a long-time customer is now also a supported partner.

Introducing support for LeadPages™ Contests – which allow you to use any LeadPages opt-in template and bolt-on the powerful viral contest funnel from ContestDomination™ to generate a flood of referral traffic to your offer.

“Adding support for LeadPages™ was a longtime coming. I’m in love with the fact that our customers can now get instant access to tons of high converting templates. Plus each and every template is point-and-click easy to edit content, update colors etc.. this is HUGE.”

-Travis Ketchum, Founder of Contest Domination

Now you’ll be able to use any of the high converting landing pages that come built-in to LeadPages™, but you’ll also be able to integrate with templates from their marketplace as well. For many, this will be a complete game changer.

Let’s walk through exactly how to build a LeadPages™ contest.

How It Works

Here’s a quick rundown of how the integration works, and what pieces you’ll need to make it as seamless as possible. Luckily, it’s just a few easy steps.

1. Enabling HTML/Form Code on LeadPages™

Go to your integrations settings area, under “My Account”.

LeadPages Integrations Menu
Then go to the “Other Copy/Paste” configuration area.

Select LeadPages Other Copy:Paste
Then enable the use of 3rd party HTML forms, so you can copy/paste the code from ContestDomination™. You’ll see a warning about this feature being unsupported, but don’t worry as we handle the email subscription for you.

While we’re using HTML form code, a full API integration is also planned ASAP.

LeadPages Enable HTML

2. Choosing a Contest Template

While every ContestDomination™ customer has access to several high converting contest templates, you can now choose to our 3rd party opt-in option. For that to work, you still need to choose one of our beautiful templates for the email and social referral pages.

Personally, I think the default template looks fantastic as the back-end for many of the modern opt-in options you’ll find inside of LeadPages™.

ContestDomination 3rd Party Template

3. Creating Three Distinct Pages

First, you need to create an opt-in page that serves as the “front door” of your contest, a similar version to handle the off-chance that an opt-in errors, and lastly a page that you’d like referral traffic to see after the contest has ended.

3rd Party Page Selection Options

ContestDomination 3rd Party Opt-in Configurator

Example LeadPages™ Contest Opt-in Page

When creating a LeadPages™ contest, you’ll want to choose a page that has a countdown timer. When I went through their available templates, the “Limited Time Promotion” page immediately jumped out at me as a great place to start.

I used that as a starting point to quickly create a great looking contest page that covered the basic elements of a compliant and successful LeadPages™ contest.

  1. A countdown timer to convey a clear end date/time (that also adds scarcity).
  2. Privacy Policy & Contest Rules links.. we generate a rules URL for you to copy/paste if you’d like. The privacy policy is also a must for running ads.
  3. Legal release for all the major social networks to be in full compliance

LeadPages Contest Opt-in

Example LeadPages™ Contest Opt-in Error Page

Here I made a clone of my original opt-in page, but then added some bright red text to the top to alert the prospect that something failed with their opt-in.

This is normally a very rare occurrence, but being prepared in the event of an error is always a great idea. Doing it this way also gives the prospect a second chance to opt-in to the contest.

LeadPages Contest Opt-in Error

Example LeadPages™ Contest Ended Offer Page

Great contests typically have a defined start and end date, but just because a contest is over doesn’t mean you should stop building your email list.

If you have a relevant, high converting lead magnet up your sleeve already this is a great chance to show that offer to any remnant traffic that may be coming in from viral referrals or your direct promotion.

Don’t let that high quality, targeted and endorsed traffic go to waste!

LeadPages Contest Over Page

4. Grabbing Your Form Code

Copy your direct form code from inside of ContestDomination™:

ContestDomination Optin Code
Paste your form code under the integrations setting within LeadPages™:

LeadPages Optin Form

5. Setting The Redirect

With LeadPages™, you need to manually set the redirect URL since they post the information and then redirect to a URL that you decide. This link will be different depending on if you are using our powerful email referral step or not.

Grab the redirection URL from the form code tab inside of ContestDomination™:

ContestDomination Redirect URL
Then paste the redirection within form editing options inside of LeadPages™.

LeadPages Set Redirect URL

Note: Currently you can collect Name & Email. Custom fields support is coming soon.

LeadPages Contest Promotion

To get the most accurate tracking, you’ll want to use the tracking links we provide for you. This is important for clear conversion reporting.

Our system will redirect to the URL you gave us during the initial setup, and will automatically track your referral traffic with confidence.

ContestDomination Tracking Links

If you’re using a lightbox, sidebar opt-in or other opt-in form that will get organic traffic – that will be tracked as an “organic lead” for your contest. Think of that as a separate entity all together, and make sure you use our “indirect” form code to correctly attribute the leads.

I’ll be covering organic opt-ins with an upcoming post.

For accurate analytics, please use our provided tracking links inside ContestDomination™.

What’s Next?

We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally bring 3rd party landing page support to ContestDomination™, and in this case for running a LeadPages™ contest..

Our customers have been letting us know exactly what they want, so we’re happy to deliver this feature for all mutual LeadPages™ customers.

Keep an eye out for more tutorials on how to use other popular platforms such as OptimizePress 2 and ClickFunnels. We’ve even added support for great lightbox and other opt-in products too, so you can grab organic contest leads from traffic on your existing sites.

In the near future we’ll be adding full API integrations with the most popular platforms that our customers are using for an even more seamless experience and advanced feature support.
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Travis Ketchum
Travis Ketchum

Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination - helping 10's of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.