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January 2, 2023

From: Travis Ketchum

RE: Here's my context execution plan

Dear Friend,

I know the idea of selling your products and services (in quantity) online can be a pretty exciting process. But the process of finding success can easily become more frustrating than exciting.

I'm all too familiar, because I've been in the exact same shoes that you are in just a few years ago. Having just taken the bold step to leave my stable "real job", I was struggling to make ends meet and it felt like everything I did only resulted in a few leads... a sale here and there.

It was crystal clear that a trickle of leads each day wasn't going to make me successful.

I needed the ability to generate 200 or even 2,000 leads per day that were actually interested in my products/services. I turned to contests to fill that void in my online business.

After seeing the results first hand, I created a contest software company to help the world solve this exact same problem. Now, years later, I've helped over 20,000 business owners generate millions of qualified opt-ins by doing contests the right way.

Let me tech you exactly what I've learned from working on thousands of viral contests.

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Get Exponential Growth Using Contests,
Even if you're starting from scratch

I've seen customers who follow our contest execution plan generate massive results.

From 1,000 or more leads per day to a 397% return on their investment. If you closely follow my process, you'll have a huge advantage over your competition to achieve success with your contests and overall lead generation strategy.

I've distilled the most important factors into a concise, downloadable execution plan that you can use in your own business or bring with you to client meetings and literally "fill in the blanks" to know exactly what to do to run a quality contest.

Introducing The Viral Contest Execution Plan

I get asked all the time about "What are the most important things for me to focus on when trying to run a successful contest?". So, I've put together this execution plan to answer that exact question and guide you through a repeatable process that's proven to generate results.

Learn the exact same model that has produced results for over 20,000 business owners and marketing professionals just like you...
Bring my downloadable PDF into client meetings so you ask all the right questions to produce results for your clients (just fill in the blanks)...
Get the breakdown on exactly what you should be avoiding, and what to focus on to streamline your time investment for optimal returns...
Avoid the same mistakes and pain that I endured in the early days and focus 100% of your energy on the things that actually matter to get results...
Impress your clients with being sharp and innovative while helping them meet their goals month-in and month-out using this repeatable process...

here's a taste of what you'll discover:

Zero in on your customer persona

Understanding your customer persona is key to any great campaign. I'll get you asking the right questions so your offer matches the purchase life cycle of your best customers.

If you aren't starting with the right questions, the rest of your campaign isn't going to align with your business goals of actually generating more revenue.

creating the right contest offer

For the quality and quantity of contestants that will move the needle in your business, the prize is the #1 influencing factor. I'll help you understand the characteristics of great prizes.

I'll also show you our thought process for picking the number of winners, diversity of prizes, etc. You'll know exactly what to give away, and how many of them to give away.

copy my ideal contest sequencing

All great campaigns are a sequence of events and escalating offers. I'll show you how I change the relationship with my contestants from being prospects to being happy customers.

I have a particular method for getting the vast majority of your contestants to click an email right to your core offer. My customers often describe the process as "record shattering".

look what customers are saying

Contest Domination is the very first contest platform that brought in true leads who turned into real paying customers. Our first contest generated 1,311 leads who resulted in $11.43 of revenue each. Amazing results.

Brian Moran


Using Contest Domination we nearly doubled our Twitter followers and added thousands of new likes on Facebook in just a matter of weeks - I highly recommend you give this a try.

Jane Park


I've never gotten so many new subscribers added to my list so quickly. Contests are one of the most powerful ways to get fresh new leads to subscribe, quickly. I'm in love with Contest Domination!

Andrew Warner


Now for the REALLY big news about price...

Even though this training regularly generates insane returns for those who put it to use, we value this training at just $97 because I've wanted to help as many business owners, marketers and people just like you FINALLY find success in lead generation.

And now, with over 20,000 customers I can confidently say we've hit that goal...

But for you, Friend...

I wanted to rip down the barriers keeping you from taking that next step in your online journey.

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    Basically, I'm giving you one of my most popular training of all time for less than the latest price increase Netflix keeps dropping on ya'

    A training so popular, it even had Jay-Z's team over at Tidal snagging a copy.

    If this training is good enough for HOVA...

    Do you think it will be good enough for you? :-)

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      Hope you enjoy the training and get inspired to run a contest.

      I'm so thankful to have you here with me.


      Travis Ketchum

      P.S. This is just one of many rewards I have planned for those who stay engaged with our emails and put what we have to say into action to see extraordinary results.

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