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How a Local Gym Used Facebook Ads To Generate $8,400 In Sales With Just 421 Leads On Their First Successful Viral Contest...

( For an impressive $19.95 in revenue per EMAIL collected )

Lead Quality > Lead Quantity.

This is proof that you don't need thousands of leads to generate thousands of dollars in brand-new revenue for your brick and mortar business.

Actual Campaign Analytics...


Unhappy With The Lack Of Results You're
Getting From Facebook Marketing?

Are You Sick Of Pouring Resources Into Facebook, Only To See Little Or No Results For Your Bottom Line?

There's a hard truth about Facebook marketing that few "industry experts" are talking about.

It doesn't matter how hard you've worked to generate an audience on your Facebook fan page.

300 or 300,000 Likes on Facebook, it doesn't just doesn't matter. Likes do NOT equate to real world profits, period.

Even if you were once able to generate enough traffic to "move the needle" from your Fan page, you're probably feeling the squeeze from all sides..

And you’re not alone…

We did too, and so did our community of 20,000+ businesses!

It felt like each and every day, getting anything out of Facebook was a harder task to accomplish.

Many of our customers simply didn't "get the hype" and were ready to throw in the towel...

...something had to change, and change fast.

FACT: The Role of Fan Pages
Has Completely Changed

By Facebook's own admission, the value of a branded "Like" has plummeted to near zero across the entire network.

You've even gone so far as to kill off "Like Gates" in a hail mary effort to salvage what little value is remaining.

All while pummeling the reach (the number of people who see your content) into the 1% range.. useless.

To say that social agencies have been scrambling would likely be the understatement of the year. Time for a new approach.

The role of "Fan Pages" in 2015 has completely changed.

A Sheep In Wolfs Clothing

And yes, we meant to say it that way...

For many, these facts about Facebook feel downright scary.

We completely understand where you're coming from. Change is never easy, but sometimes what feels jarring can actually be a MASSIVE blessing in disguise.

With the role of Fan Pages changing dramatically, we can refocus on the fundamentals.

Generating qualified leads and them into converting customers.

That's really it...

Everything else has been a distraction up until this point.

The allure of organically building up a fan base on Facebook that would then directly buy from you has died.

In a lot of ways, it never really existed to the extent we were sold on it anyway.

Now that Facebook has forced our hand, we can get results that are simply better than they've ever been since Facebook has been around as a platform.

Far better than when things were "free".

So don't panic or over-react. We're going to show you some examples of brick and mortar companies who are absolutely killing it online with Facebook in this new era.

Rigging The Odds In Your Favor

The local case study of fun and profit...

Any good sales process lives and dies on their flow of leads.

However, not all leads are created equal.. some convert into sales like crazy, while others are more like oil and water... they just don't mix.

A local gym was able to craft the perfect contest prize that generated highly qualified leads who wanted exactly what they sell as their go-to solution.

This distinction is key, and is the major contributing factor in each lead generating $19.95 (and counting...)

Let's dissect their campaign to understand the formula...

Actual Campaign Landing Page...


The prize.

If you "only get one thing right" when setting up a contest, the prize is where you want that to happen.

Many get tripped up on this step, but you're not alone.. we've all been exposed to poorly run contests by big brands that would lead you towards the wrong goals.

In fact, if you stopped 100 people on the street and forced them to come up with a prize.. I'm willing to bet that at least 90 of them would say something like "An iPhone, iPad etc".

Which, unless you're a technology blog.. or electronics retailer like Best Buy this is the WORST POSSIBLE PRIZE you could choose when it comes to your prize.

Your contest prize has one goal, and one goal only...

A contest prize exists to excite your ideal customer enough to enter their information into a form.. and then your referral structure should give them enough incentive to refer like minded people from their personal network.

If a prize doesn't explicitly interest your ideal customer profile, you've failed.

Since an iPad does absolutely nothing to pre-qualify someone to care about working out, the kind of people who would enter would be all over the place.. and their reason for sharing wouldn't be in-line with fitness goals.

However, since the gym gave away personal training time.. it explicitly appeals to those who are interested in getting in better shape.

The opt-in form.

Forget everything you've been "taught" by those who claim that you must chop down your entry form to the absolute bare minimum number of fields to convert leads.

The theory of less stems from the idea that more fields = more friction.

And while yes, to a certain extent that is true.. we've found that many times when it comes to contests a few extra fields doesn't really hurt conversions...

More often, it significantly helps bolster the value of the leads by asking them to answer a pre-qualifying question and/or including a phone number for a sales rep to reach out to them.

For this particular local gym, they asked for Name, Email, Cell Phone # and their favorite workout (such as yoga, strength training etc).

This gives their team a way to contact the prospect via email, phone AND know the "hot button" area of interest to focus on when asking them about their fitness goals.

CASE STUDY #2: How a Ribbon Printing
Company Sold $34,000 in product.

Any good sales process lives and dies on their flow of leads.

However, not all leads are created equal.. some convert into sales like crazy, while others might avoid you like the plague.

A local gym was able to craft the perfect contest prize that generated highly qualified leads who wanted exactly what they sell as their go-to solution.

This distinction is key, and is the major contributing factor in each lead generating $19.95 (and counting...)

Let's dissect their campaign to understand the formula...

Yep, Just $10...

Right now you have a decision to make. You can literally have a sandwich and hot tea at Starbucks, or you can:

  • Become a hero at your company by being the guy (or gal) who FINALLY makes Facebook pay off by monetizing all those fans you've been building...
  • Save time (and money) by executing a "Viral Contest" campaign the right way, the very first time...
  • Avoid potentially-embarassing "rookie" mistakes (including two big ones that some blogs tout as being "best practices")...
  • Go from a few dozen leads to literally THOUSANDS or even tens of thousands of leads, and...
  • Convert those leads into raving fans who become CUSTOMERS and generate revenue from social.

In other words, you'll finally turn Facebook into the QUALIFIED LEAD MACHINE everyone thought it would be!

Now, the choice is yours...

You can keep doing what isn't working, or you can try something new.

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    …an Execution Plan is more like a “checklist for success, based on actual past results”

    Here’s how how it works:

    In the past 36 months my team and I have:

    – Built a platform that over 20,000 businesses have used
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    You see, our platform has often times generated life changing results for the solo entrepreneurs and startups who have used us.

    But we’ve also helped major brands like Affliction Clothing, Family Dollar, DeWalt and more apply the same model to gigantic industries.

    Your plan will be all meat and no fluff. If you want character building, that’s why we have blog posts. These plans are all about taking action and getting results as quickly as possible.

  • q-iconWhy $10?

    If you’re thinking “$10 is cheap.. what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

    1. $10 puts this information within reach of everyone… from solo entrepreneurs to startups and even Fortune 500. (And at just $10, you shouldn’t have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.)

    2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious marketers who take action, and in our experience charging anything… even if it’s just a buck… gets rid of 99% of the time-wasters.

    3. We tested it, and $10 generated the best overall ROI. Not just in terms of revenue, but actually getting some skin in the game so people consume the content and take action.

    We also believe that once you experience this Execution Plan, you’ll want more and maybe… just maybe… you’ll come back, buy more and even upgrade to more advanced products and training.

    But that’s it…

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    Of course, we don’t think it will come to that, but if you’re even the least bit concerned about this training working for you, then we want to take out all the risk.

    You either get the results you want or you get your money back, period.

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