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From: Travis Ketchum

RE: Stop paying for leads (but get more leads than ever)

Dear Friend,

You've probably been beaten with a stick about one "shiny" thing after another promising to completely rock your world. People have been hunting "free traffic" forever... SEO, Fan Pages, etc.

When all the "free" methods kept getting crushed like a cockroach, it sent business owners scrambling in search of a new traffic source to keep the lights on. Many have tried using Facebook Ads to stimulate sales, some have succeed but many have failed.

Paid media can be great because it brings in a consistent flow of traffic, leads and sales. But we've discovered a process that matches the reliability of ads without risking the ad spend.

Plus, not only will you have less risk - but you'll be piggy backing the success and position of your peers within your marketplace... instantly elevating your own market authority.

This was a huge revelation, because I know so many business owners have either struggled to get advertising working for their business or have had their Facebook Ad account unceremoniously yanked out from under them with absolutely no warning at all.

Losing your ad account can have a detrimental impact on your business. For those just starting out that would mean your single "reliable" flow of leads and sales suddenly stops like a game of musical chairs. For those running agencies, you feel the pain twice over since you not only lose the traffic source, but you also look bad in front of your clients.

Contests have already taken many businesses from just a small trickle of leads each day to hundreds, thousands or even TENS of thousands of leads per day. But the most successful businesses are generating thousands of leads and are paying almost nothing for their traffic.

Let me show you exactly how our most successful customers are generating millions of leads in a way that you easily replicate over and over for all your future campaigns.

Don't Risk Advertising Dollars, Or Be At The Whim Of Your Facebook Ad Account

Instead, leapfrog your results with a proven formula

Ads are an amazing way to scale a business, but they can come bundled with risk and frustration.

Today, you can get the same benefits for less than even the most modest "test ad spend". Even the most humble of businesses should expect to spend $500+ to see if an ad is even converting, while an Agency might budget $5k+ for their test.

Regardless if you've never run a contest before, or you're a contest veteran - if you've closely follow my process you'll be working with an unfair advantage over your competition for getting sales.

I've distilled the most important factors into a concise, multi-module course that you can use in your own business or use to over-deliver campaigns for your clients. When you go through this course, you'll have tons of "aha!" moments.

You'll be expanding your own sphere of influence by leaps and bounds using this method, and will quickly establish yourself as the authority in what it is that you do and sell because you'll be leaning on the inferred credibility of the market leaders you're able to partner with.

Not only will you generate a much larger community for yourself, but by providing tangible real world value for your partners you'll be earning trust and credibility.

This will significantly increase your ability to garner support in future launches and promotions, leading to more goodwill and revenue for your business.

Introducing The Contest Sponsor Method

Many business owners come up to me and ask, "I don't have a big budget for advertising, how am I supposed to get results like your other customers? This just seems so expensive and confusing."

I decided that I never wanted price or complexity to be a limiting factor on who could benefit from the insane power of contests. The truth is that even many of our Fortune 500 customers are missing out on a ton of value by not correctly implementing the Contest Sponsor Method.

This unique traffic generating solution is designed for all businesses, both big and small. All the way from Solo Entrepreneurs with limited resources to Fortune 500 companies with big advertising budgets and the staff to "figure it all out".

No matter your skill set, experience level or budget - The Contest Sponsor Method is going to have a material impact on the speed at which your business grows.

  • Learn the exact same model our highest performing clients are using to generate millions of hyper targeted leads on a consistent basis…
  • Use these strategies for your own business, or use them to over-deliver for your clients. You’ll be handing them an unfair advantage…
  • Get the full interview with a top client who generated over 180,000 leads on their very first contest using the Contest Sponsor Method…
  • Feel the power of inferred credibility from marketplace leaders as their tribe considers you a peer to the big brand they know, like and trust…
  • Avoid having to throw away money on ads “just to see what works”, and spend all of your time and resources on a winning campaign…

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Discover:

Copy/Paste Sponsor Outreach

What if you had access to copy/paste emails that have proven to improve your ability gather support from the biggest companies in your marketplace?

How much easier would it be, and how much more confident would you feel having access to examples on exactly what value you'll be providing for your sponsors making it a no-brainer for them to support you?

Our goal here is to give you the confidence and tools you need to get more high quality sponsors agreeing to help make your contest successful.

Sponsor Centric Follow-up Sequences

Maximizing the value for your sponsors is important in making sure they feel like they got the exposure to justify their investment of time, money and resources.

I'll give you best practices and examples of how to make sure your sponsors feel well loved throughout the entire contest process. Plus, this will give you great examples to show potential sponsors in the future to get even more on-board.

Getting this part of the process right is going to expedite your ability to build an army of sponsors who will be excited to work with you again and again.

Sponsor Centric Winner Sequences

The winner announcement sequence is the single most lethal opportunity you have to grab your contestants attention in droves.

But, just like anything that has the potential for explosive results, there's always an opportunity for you to screw up the delivery and miss out on sales that you've worked so hard to get. This is where it all comes together.

By following our step-by-step guide you'll know exactly how to announce your winners in a way to creates curiosity, excitement and balances both your ability to thank sponsors and generate sales for your business at the same time.

Look What Customers Are Saying

Reid Warner,

Using the Contest Sponsor Method has consistently helped us generate 50k-200k+ leads per contest. This strategy has been the largest return on our time, money and resources out of everything that we’ve tried.

A great place to get started, as well as a compliment to your advertising strategy as you grow. If you aren’t using sponsors, you’re missing the boat.

Reid Warner, Snapknot
Jane Park,

Using ContestDomination we nearly doubled our Twitter followers and added thousands of new likes on Facebook in a matter of weeks – I highly recommend it.

Jane Park, Julep Nail Parlors
Andrew Warner,

I’ve never gotten so many new subscribers so quickly. Contests are one of the most powerful ways to get fresh new leads quickly. I’m in love with ContestDomination!

Andrew Warner, Mixergy

Why It's Just $197...

I’m only charging $197 for this training, and not freely giving it away, for 3 very important reasons...

  1. $197 is FAR less than you'd have to put up for even the smallest of "test budgets" if you were relying solely on advertising. For comparison, I usually require my clients to commit to several thousand dollars per month as a minimum.
  2. Anyone who’s not serious enough about their business in 2015 to invest just $197 into radically improving their ability to generate leads, isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the course anyway.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a portable bluetooth speaker and buy this course has the opportunity to explode their fan-base, email list, and sales.

So if you’re serious about growing your business list in 2015, and if you would like to see exponential growth for audience size, then click the “Order Now” button below.

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If for any reason you think this execution plan isn't the best $197 you’ve ever spent just email me and I’ll gladly refund your entire purchase. How's that for fair?

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Travis Ketchum
Founder, ContestDomination

P.S. This course is hands down the most effective strategy for getting an avalanche of qualified leads on your list for the lowest possible acquisition cost. The Contest Sponsor method is not only the lowest risk traffic investment you could make, but it has the potential to cement your business as an equal influencer within your marketplace.

I can't wait for you to join me in the members area and see how far you can take this strategy.