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Copy/Paste Sponsor Outreach

There are two primary ways you'll be reaching out to sponsors: prize donation, and traffic generation. Either way you'll be able to copy our approach for both scenarios.

While you won't get a "yes" from everyone, having a thoughtful place to start with your outreach will improve your success rate and make it easier to reach out to many more sponsors.

Sponsor Centric Follow-up Sequences

Maximizing the value for your sponsors is important in making sure they feel like they got the exposure to justify their investment of time, money and resources.

I'll give you best practices and examples of how to make sure your sponsors feel well loved throughout the entire contest process. Plus, this will give you great examples to show potential sponsors in the future to get even more on-board.

Sponsor Centric Winner Sequences

If you've seen our process before, you know that the winner announcement sequence is the single most lethal opportunity you have to grab your contestants attention in droves.

We've seen this sequence consistently produce over 50% open rates and 80%+ click rates from those who did open. Balancing your own promotion with that of your high profile sponsors is important to get right, so we'll walk you though how to do it the right way.

You'll get access to our high performing follow-up campaign, instructions on how to structure your landing page and best practices on how to warm those leads up to what you're business is about specifically so it's clear how someone got on your list and what they can expect.


Travis Ketchum
Founder, ContestDomination

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