Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Killing The Facebook Tab

Today we make what may appear to some, as a huge decision. After much internal debate - we're officially ending support for Facebook Tabs. Here are the top 5 reasons why killing tab support is the right thing to do. RIP Tab Featured Image The downfall of the tab truly started on November 5, 2014 - the day Facebook officially ended support for Like Gates. Using Like Gates was far and away the #1 reason our customers told us they wanted to use Facebook Tabs in the first place. This change honestly didn't make us very sad since it's been well documented that the use of Like Gates was linked to a significant decline in actual lead conversions.

When starting ContestDomination™, it was with the clear and explicit goal of helping businesses generate more qualified leads and sales.

Like Gates were a cancer to the core mission we set out to accomplish. To top if all off, it's never been more clear to us that Facebook isn't taking the tab seriously themselves. So we're readjusting our focus accordingly. Below are the top 5 reasons we're removing tabs to focus on supporting more value-added features instead.
by Travis Ketchum

Why No Digital Company Is “Too Big To Fail”

Professor Scott Galloway (NYU) delivers a pointed 15 minutes worth of important tech trends. His sharp opinions for the future of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple – are backed with charts and data.
I can't help but identify with much of what he's saying, as it's been a gut feeling I've been having for over a year, but it's always nice to see someone who lives and breathes in market research flatly spell it out. One of the more amusing lines of his presentation: “Google Glass is not a wearable, it’s a prophylactic ensuring you will not conceive a child because no one will get near you.” At the very least, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for platforms like Google+, which Google has already announced will be broken up so the more popular parts can flourish by themselves.
by Travis Ketchum