New Contest Fraud Tools

Contest Fraud Featured Image No matter how hard any lead collection system works - there's going to be fake leads and/or attempts at contest fraud. This is the unfortunate ugly side of trying to do something awesome for your audience. And while fraudulent entries are absolutely a tiny fraction of a minority of total entries... it's something we work hard all the time to help combat for our clients and customers using smart filters and an internal fraud score. In fact, since introducing the hosted app version of ContestDomination™ in late 2012 - we've been constantly improving our ability to recognize, flag and ban fraudulent entries. Over the past 3 years, we've automatically stopped and banned over 10 million attempts to game your contests. However, no system is 100% perfect - so it's clear that we need to highlight "at risk" entries that weren't quite bad enough to automatically ban without getting an unacceptable number of accidental bans. Today, we're pleased to introduce our first effort at self-service fraud tools.
by Travis Ketchum