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Bring The Power of Contests To Your Clients

We understand the specific needs that agencies have when running campaigns for their clients. That's why we've built a special solution just for you, and your needs. Get a fully white-labeled version of Contest Domination, with individual client sub-accounts and support for unlimited account managers.

  • Custom Agency Branded White Label

  • Unlimited Account Managers

  • "Powered By"... Your Agency Brand

  • Priority Support & Feedback

  • Unlimited Campaigns For Every Client

  • Advanced Campaign Tracking & Insights

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30 Day "Insane Conversions" Satisfaction Guarantee
Account Managers
Premium Support
Full White Labeling

Medium Agency

$400.00 Per Month

One-Time $500 Setup Fee

  • Sub-Accounts15
  • Account ManagersUnlimited
  • Premium Support
  • Full White Labeling

Large Agency

$700.00 Per Month

One-Time $500 Setup Fee

  • Sub-Accounts30
  • Account ManagersUnlimited
  • Premium Support
  • Full White Labeling

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that you're going to love Contest Domination, so we're offering a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied within 30-days of signing-up, just cancel and request a full refund.

If we haven't completely earned your business within 30-days then we don't deserve to keep your money.


Contest Entries


Avg Referral Boost


Avg Leads / Direct Traffic




Bad Opt-Ins Blocked

We Focus On Quality Lead Growth,
So You Can Focus On Your Business

No contest software generates more quality leads for you than Contest Domination.

Explode Your Leads In Just About Every Niche

Contests are hands down one of the fastest ways to grow your list, regardless of industry.

Contest Domination Features

Here's our top six favorite features we think you'll love when using Contest Domination.

Powerful Features For Every Agency Sub-Account

Every sub-account comes with our best features, plus easy sub-account management.

  • No Maximum Visitors

    At ContestDomination™ we don’t nickel and dime you for finding success. Instead, we differentiate our pricing based on features that more advanced users want.

  • No Maximum Entries

    Similar to visits… you won’t find a bigger bill under your pillow just because you had more people actually enter your contest. Get used to smashing your goals with contests.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Contests get lots of “spikey” traffic. This normally means hosting headaches, but not on our robust cloud. Rest easy with our experienced team running the show.

  • Fully Responsive Design

    Our team is hard at work just for you. Every device, every platform is going to look like it was designed for it (because it was).

  • Built-In Winner Selection Tool

    Remember when you used to have to literally put names on pieces of paper into a hat, shake it up and draw scraps to pick a winner? We’ve make picking a winner dead simple.

  • Legendary Email Referrals

    We’ve built an email refer-a-friend feature that is responsible for 1/3rd of all referrals across our platform. It’s fast, has amazing open/click rates and is included 100% free.

  • Clone Campaigns

    Why reinvent the wheel? Clone a successful campaign, edit any changes and deploy in just a few clicks. Use this feature to keep your settings and carry over translated contests.

  • Funnel Traffic To Offers

    Want to pass off your contest traffic to a special offer? Use our “Redirect CTA” feature to do exactly that. This even unlocks super-powered ad-tracking.

  • Full Localization Support

    English no your markets primary language? No problem, we have customers all over the world so we’ve added some easy translation sections to every template.

  • Excellent Facebook Conversions

    Turn your Facebook fans into loyal email subscribers, and never pay more just because you have a brand that’s been fortunate enough to build a big audience on Facebook.

  • Export Your Data

    Want to sift and sort your entries? No problem, use our built-in tools or export a CSV to do with as you please. This also opens up broad email marketing support.

  • Knowedlegeable Support

    Have a question or concern? Our team lives contests, so we offer advice that’s as actionable as possible. Your success is our success, so we’ve got your back.

  • Unlimited Campaigns

    Run as many campaigns, with as many entries and Facebook Likes as you can possibly get. Never worry about running multiple campaigns again.

  • No Length Restrictions

    Want to run contests longer than a month? No problem. All of our subscription plans remove the limits on how long you can run a campaign giving you more time to make waves.

  • On-Going Education

    Get updates on current best-practices and case studies to bring your contest game to the next level. This landscape is constantly evolving, and we’ll keep you up-to-date.

  • Custom CSS Support

    Want to really personalize the look and feel of your templates? Use custom CSS to modify the appearance of your contest to your hearts desire. This rocks with our clone tool.

  • Remove Powered By

    Don’t want people to know what app you’re using to run your campaigns? We support that for Business Plan customers, we’ll try to not be too offended by this one.

  • Advanced Tracking

    Get a deep understanding of your direct and referral traffic. We even break out referrals by channel so you can compare Twitter to Facebook, to Email etc.

  • Advanced 3rd Party Tracking

    Want to run your ad campaign to optimize for conversions? Just drop in a conversion tracking pixel for retargeting, Facebook ads and more for maximum returns.

  • See Entry Locations

    Curious where people are entering your contest from? See the data on a map, or on an individual entry basis. We also use this data in our industry leading fraud scoring formula.

  • Branded URL's

    By default all of our contests run on, but what if you want to brand the URL? Easily brand your contest with something like “”.

  • Advanced Integrations

    Beyond the regular email marketing and SMS integrations, you’ll be able to add services like GoToWebinar and Chartbeat even more flexible ways to use contests.

Contest Domination Integrations

Our goal is to get your new leads added to your marketing list, right away.

Supporting Your Contests

We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of each and every contest.

  • Regular Updates

    Always have instant access to the latest features without lifting a single finger.

  • Helpful Support

    Need help tweaking a setting? Our support team has you covered.

  • Great Community

    Get direct feedback on your campaigns from us and our loving customers.

  • On-Going Education

    We bring you the most impactful tools, training and key marketplace changes.

Reviews From Happy Clients

See what other business owners and marketers are saying about Contest Domination.

Contest Domination is our goto tool at Digital Marketer when running a contest or giveaway. No other tool allows us to quickly expand our reach while also generating leads and sales.

Ryan Deiss
Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer

Using Contest Domination we nearly doubled our Twitter followers and added thousands of new likes on Facebook in a matter of weeks – I highly recommend it.

Jane Park
Jane Park Julep

I’ve never gotten so many new subscribers so quickly. Contests are one of the most powerful ways to get fresh new leads quickly. I’m in love with Contest Domination!

Andrew Warner
Andrew Warner Mixergy

Using Contest Domination has consistently helped us generate 50k-200k+ leads per contest. This tool has been the largest return on our time, money and resources out of everything that we’ve tried.

Reid Warner
Reid Warner SnapKnot

Endorsed By Leading Experts

Our innovative approach is supported by experts you know and trust.

Brian Moran

Facebook Marketing Expert

Jane Park

CEO of Julep Nail Parlors

James Wedmore

YouTube Marketing Expert

Amy Porterfield

Facebook Marketing Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Don't see it here? Contact support :-)

How many campaigns can each client run?

Unlimited. Yes, this isn't too good to be true. We've built the agency plan in such a way that agencies like yourself can get the maximum amount of value out of the platform for each and every client.

We don't cap the number of campaigns, volume of leads or charge more for brands with a lot of Facebook likes. We only charge you more if you're working with more clients (your success is our success!).

What if we only work with a client for a short time?

No problem. As an agency, you probably work with a variety of clients over the course of a year. We've accounted for that and made it extremely easy to just archive and remove past clients and make account management pain-free.

Doing this free's up the previously used sub-account for you to use with another client and help keep your overhead to a minimum and focus on the clients at hand.

Is Contest Domination Facebook compliant?

Yes. While you don't need a Facebook account for Contest Domination to work, we're fully compliant with their Terms of Service, and can install with our legendary 1-click install.

We also don't artificially limit your ability to run multiple campaigns on different pages at a time. And we don't charge you more for having more fans, because to us that's just really un-cool.

Can I translate contests into my local language?

Yes. We've worked with thousands of customers all over the world, and have created made it localization a breeze. Using our clone tool you can even dramatically cut down your deployment time after you've translated your first contest.

Have a creative idea for localization that we might have missed? We actively take customer feedback into consideration when building out new features... just drop a note to support.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that you're going to love Contest Domination, so we're offering a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't 100% satisfied within 30-days of signing-up, just cancel and request a full refund.

If we haven't completely earned your business within 30-days then we don't deserve to keep your money.


Contest Domination is the most powerful way to collect qualified leads who want what you do and sell. All of our pages are mobile responsive (look great on mobile) and 100% Facebook compliant.