We’ve very pleased to announce that ContestDomination™ is now fully integrated with ActiveCampaign.

With many options available when it comes to your email marketing solutions, we’ve been watching the requests for this integration increase over time. After doing the integration it’s easy to see why ActiveCampaign has been rising in popularity.

After speaking with their team, there are two types of people who’ve been switching to them in droves.

1. Confused Automation Users

We could have just as easily used “Overwhelmed” here instead of “Confused” when describing this type of customer.

The point here is, that while companies like Infusionsoft and Ontraport have made a name for themselves in the marketing automation space, there is a pretty steep learning curve for many businesses to get the most out of them.

If you’ve been using one of these platforms (or considering it) but are either only scratching the surface of what’s possible or you’re afraid you won’t be able to implement it within a reasonable time frame… then ActiveCampaign is worth taking a serious look.

There’s still robust marketing automation happening here, so it’s just a silver bullet. However, we believe less experienced users are going to find the interface much more welcoming to navigate.

2. Basic Autoresponder Users

Still using that same basic autoresponder account you picked when you first started doing email marketing?

Maybe it’s time to step up to the leverage the power of real marketing automation.

Being able to see your list as segments instead of just endless copies of lists gives you the power to communicate with your audience based on their actions and not just the same series of emails that everyone who signs up gets.

We’ve used this approach to more than triple our business by reminding the non-action takers to get moving, while changing the conversation for our existing customers about products or services they haven’t purchased yet.

Plus, when you are paying for contacts – it’s much better to pay for 1 contact 1 time using segments/tags to differentiate their communication instead of paying for them multiple times over as they are added to multiple lists.

These are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do with ActiveCampaign.

Our integration is already live inside your account, so you can start using it immediately. Enjoy!

Travis Ketchum
Travis Ketchum

Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination - helping 10's of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.