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Brian Moran,

ContestDomination is the very first contest platform that brought in true leads who turned into real paying customers. Our first contest generated 1,311 leads who turned into $11.43 of revenue each. Amazing results.

Brian Moran, Get10kFans
Jane Park,

Using ContestDomination we nearly doubled our Twitter followers and added thousands of new likes on Facebook in a matter of weeks – I highly recommend it.

Jane Park, Julep Nail Parlors
Andrew Warner,

I’ve never gotten so many new subscribers so quickly. Contests are one of the most powerful ways to get fresh new leads quickly. I’m in love with ContestDomination!

Andrew Warner, Mixergy
Ryan Deiss

ContestDomination is our goto tool at DigitalMarketer when running a contest or giveaway. No other tool allows us to quickly expand our reach while also generating leads and sales. Who knew you could make money running a contest?

Ryan Deiss DigitalMarketer

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Now, they are collectively generating millions of leads each and every year across a huge variety of niches. Creating a flow of traffic and sales, compounded by viral word of mouth.

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  • Being able to create a wildly successful viral contest in just a few minutes, with ZERO coding skills (even if you've never setup a contest before)...
  • Using the same PROVEN, high-converting landing pages that the most successful business owners and marketers trust to deliver results...
  • Opening a flood gate of qualified leads who want to buy exactly what you do and sell as your core offer...
  • Getting prospects to put their gaurd down as you focus on the BENEFITS of your product or service during the contest, making "the pitch" something they actually want to hear (and look forward to)...
  • Finally using a reliable strategy and software to create results QUICKLY, without waiting months or even years for results that may never come (vs SEO, blogging etc...)

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Guarantee : If for any reason you don't agree with the 20,000+ people who think ContestDomination™ is the best lead generating system they’ve ever used, I’ll gladly refund your entire purchase within 30 days.

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