• Nice use of colours, nice use of step graphics broken with the IG embed, nice directly background image!

    Awesome all round Travis! Love it!

    • Travis Ketchum

      Thanks David, glad you guys approve :-)

      We definitely plan to do more of these going forward as well.

  • Hi Travis,
    Thanks so much for sharing this Instagram template and the helpful how-to video! I’ve been waiting for some type of Instagram template from you guys for a while now. So very happy to see it!

    Some of the other stuff I’d really like to see is not just a new template, but an addition of more social media options for additional entry points rewards (i.e. by following IG and maybe other social media platforms ) Here’s a flow from Gleam that I recently entered…
    Here’s a screencast:


    • Travis Ketchum

      Thanks for the comment.. glad you like the Instagram template!

      We also appreciate the example contest, but giving points for following on a bunch of social media accounts is not likely to happen anytime soon.

      This isn’t really a development constraints, but a decision we made based on the general low quality follows you get when it’s directly incentivized with additional points (vs organic follows that happen from those most interested)… AND because it can get ugly pretty quickly when some people will inevitably want to say “Follow these 30 different social media accounts”.

      If there’s a particular platform you’re interested in, such as Instagram in the example we gave here.. that’s going to have much higher engagement and a much better overall response than a diffused focus across many accounts.

      Hope that clarification helps, thanks for being on team Contest Domination!