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The ContestDomination™ Platform Helps You...

Quickly Deploy Beautiful Campaigns...

  • Responsive Landing Pages, Optimized For Conversion

    Create beautiful landing pages that have converted millions of opt-ins and counting. There’s no need for a designer, developer or to be a “tech genius”.

    Just point, click and launch.

Love your existing landing page? We integrate with...

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Generate Viral Leads Who Love You...

  • Optimized Viral Funnel That Just Works (And Looks Great)

    We’ve tweaked and refined our unique “viral funnel” to create results that other platforms flat out can’t get touch in terms of results. This means more leads for you, and less headaches.

    On average, every 100 clicks you send ContestDomination™ you’ll get 70 combined leads. More than double the kind of numbers “the other guys” try to brag about.

Get Qualified Leads, Ready To Buy...

  • Collect High Quality Leads Who Want What You Do & Sell

    The entire purpose of an online campaign is to ultimately generate revenue for your business. With our tools and unique approach to contests, you’ll get more high quality leads than ever before.

    Doing this our way will get people who are eager to buy exactly what you do and sell.

Our Current Email Autoresponder Integrations...

We integrate with more email marketing services than any other
contest platform. Start subscribing leads in just a few clicks.

Some of the Internet's Most Successful Entrepreneurs
Trust Our Software To Generate Results...

Brian Moran

Marketing Expert

Jane Park

CEO of
Julep Nail Parlors

James Wedmore

Marketing Expert

Amy Porterfield

Marketing Expert

More Great Reasons To Choose ContestDomination™

We've covered all the bases on what makes a great contest, so you don't have to.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Contests get lots of “spikey” traffic. This normally means hosting headaches, but not on our robust cloud.

  • Fully Responsive Design

    You’re going to look like you have entire web team working for you. Our team is hard at work just for you.

  • Clone Campaigns

    Why reinvent the wheel? Clone a successful campaign, edit any changes and deploy in just a few clicks.

  • Funnel Traffic To Offers

    Want to pass off your contest traffic to a special offer? Use our “Redirect CTA” feature to do exactly that.

  • Export Your Data

    Want to sift and sort your entries? No problem, use our built-in tools or export a CSV to do with as you please.

  • Knowledgeable Support

    Have a question or concern? Our team lives contests, so we offer advice that’s as actionable as possible.

Want to See How ContestDomination™ Can Help Virally Grow Your Business? Watch the Demo Below!

50% Complete

Just enter your name & email to start your free trial...

We value your privacy and would never spam you

100% Risk Free. No Credit Card Required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ContestDomination™ Facebook compliant?

Yes. While you don't need a Facebook account for ContestDomination™ to work, we're fully compliant with their Terms of Service, and can install with our legendary 1-click install.

We also don't artificially limit your ability to run multiple campaigns on different pages at a time. And we don't charge you more for having more fans, because to us that's just really un-cool.

Can I translate contests into my local language?

Yes. We've worked with thousands of customers all over the world, and have created made it localization a breeze. Using our clone tool you can even dramatically cut down your deployment time after you've translated your first contest.

Have a creative idea for localization that we might have missed? We actively take customer feedback into consideration when building out new features... just drop a note to support.

Can I pay for contests as I go?

Yes. While our annual subscriptions are a great deal if you run several campaigns, our pay-as-you-go option (no recurring fees!) is a fan favorite for those who just need to run a single contest in the near future.

if contests are a tent-pole (and if they aren't they might be after you run one with us), you have the freedom to pay on the terms that make sense for you. No forced recurring monthly subscriptions here.

Can I connect multiple Autoresponder accounts?

No. We've built ContestDomination™ around the needs of single organizations. If you're running contests for multiple clients and want to add more than one email marketing account, white label, have account manager roles you'll want to check out our agency accounts.

You can however, swap out autoresponder integrations if you aren't running multiple campaigns at the same time. If you're just starting out a client based business, this is a low risk way to get started.

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ContestDomination™ is the most powerful way to collect qualified leads who want what you do and sell. All of our pages are mobile responsive (look great on mobile) and 100% Facebook compliant.

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